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Ultra Stacking & Hang Bin Dividers

  • For use with Ultra Stacking & Hang Bins
  • Strong, versatile, competitively-priced containers are made from heavy duty polypropylene.

Dividers are available in Standard or Conductive. All Dividers are black in color.
Conductive Dividers are engineered for electronic components, assemblies and loaded circuit boards. Dividers are molded with a carbon filled copolymer polypropylene material which protects sensitive electronic components from typical electro magnetic interference (EMI). Dividers remain permanently conductive and are unaffected by normal cleansers. Surface Resistivity is less than 105 Ohms-per square when tested per ASTM-D257. Electrostatic Decay Rate is tested to meet Mil Spec Mil-B-81075B at less than 0.1 seconds. FOB Shipping Point.

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Bin No.
Qty per Case Qty Pkg. Price
HDUS200 Standard HQUS200, HQUS200CL 6 $5.32
HDUS210 Standard HQUS210, HQUS210CL, HQUS232CL 6 $5.43
HDUS220 Standard HQUS220, HQUS220CL, HQUS236CL 6 $5.84
HDUS221 Standard HQUS221, HQUS221CL 6 $10.30
HDUS224 Standard HQUS224, HQUS224CL 6 $9.65
HDUS230 Standard HQUS230, HQUS230CL 6 $9.92
HDUS234 Standard HQUS234, HQUS234CL 6 $12.06
HDUS235 Standard HQUS235, HQUS235CL 6 $9.92
HDUS238 Standard HQUS238, HQUS238CL 6 $18.03
HDUS239 Standard HQUS239, HQUS239CL 6 $14.58
HDUS240 Standard HQUS240, HQUS240CL 6 $13.72
HDUS241 Standard HQUS241, HQUS241CL 6 $16.06
HDUS242 Standard HQUS242, HQUS242CL 6 $18.66
HDUS245 Standard HQUS245, HQUS245CL 6 $10.74
HDUS248 Standard HQUS248, HQUS248CL 6 $24.07
HDUS250 Standard HQUS250, HQUS250CL 6 $13.72
HDUS255 Standard HQUS255, HQUS255CL 6 $32.29
HDUS260 Standard HQUS260, HQUS260CL 6 $16.54
HDUS265 Standard HQUS265, HQUS265CL 6 $24.41
HDUS270 Standard HQUS270, HQUS270CL 6 $26.99
HDUS200CO Conductive HQUS200CO 6 $15.00
HDUS210CO Conductive HQUS210CO 6 $16.54
HDUS220CO Conductive HQUS220CO 6 $18.01
HDUS230CO Conductive HQUS230CO 6 $29.14
HDUS235CO Conductive HQUS235CO 6 $29.14
HDUS239CO Conductive HQUS239CO 6 $52.89
HDUS240CO Conductive HQUS240CO 6 $61.65
HDUS250CO Conductive HQUS250CO 6 $61.65
HDUS255CO Conductive HQUS255CO 6 $77.32
HDUS260CO Conductive HQUS260CO 6 $93.37
HDUS270CO Conductive HQUS270CO 6 $96.20
There are related items or accessories for this product. Please see the Related Items tab below.
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